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What AED do you need where does it go what industry do you need training for your product you buy from us?

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What if a worker says "Hey you get an AED? Could you and would you know what to do to save a life.


 Is your workplace doing all it can do for safety? What if someone had a heart attack would you be prepared? Heart Attack is the leading cause of death in the United States. Cardiopulmonary Recessitation could be necessary.

In more recently, Super Safety®tm has concentrated its energy into an ambitious expansion plan, including: First Aid CPR training since 1984.

  • 1) Phillips AED
  • 2) Heart Start products.
  • 3) Cardiac Science and Philips AED distributor.
  • Get CPR First Aid and CPR Training Too!
  • 5) Lastly we sell other brands.


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