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Super Safety®

Our fire division of Super Safety has a full line of fire simulators.

PPE for Emergency Response Industrial Plant applications or hazardous waste Clean Ups.

We have a full line of coveralls and SCBA's when you can pre-plan and have discretionary time you want to get the best and be prepared if and when the PPE is needed.

Emergency Preparedness

High risk situations with little discretionary time require more preparedness than other low risk emergencies.  The Fire simulators provide training for thhose situation that are high risk with little discretionary time to respond.

Order Form

Coveralls are by part numbers (Example TK128 Style, TL Color Y , Size 2X. Other information 0002, government compant for trade TV

Training Suits Level A

Chemical Coveralls Emergency Response

Super Safety sells all Dupont style like our most popular fro higher protection in Level B (800) 275-8239TK150
Tychem® TK
Coverall w/ Respirator Fit Hood, Elastic Wrists, Socks w/ Outer Boot Flaps, Dble Strm Flap; Hook & Loop, Taped Seams. 

Pricing subject to change for 3 ea, $325 to $425 up to size 6X

Bulk discounts available others are case by case basis.

Call (800) 275-8239 for any PPE please if you email send ALL of the contact information and fill in ALL the blanks on the ORDER FORM required!  Thanks for letting use serve you!


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