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I am the best in the safety business together we can work for and obtain zero accidents.  My experience is from working large projects of 200 million + and Fortune 500 companies.  I lead by example supervising  and managing all environmental, health and safety  (EHS) in the course of work for the company and project's mission(s).  My experience has a wealth of knowledge and skills good for proper culture to eliminate losses, occupational health problems, accidents and injuries. I can lead teams to concept, design, implement EHS programs that will recognize any hazards and serve in any EHS need controlling hazards in all projects.  I am seeking a position where my skills can be utilized to satisfy our clients and to promote  the company mission for corporate engineering procurement and construction management. 

v  Education: Degree(s) & lateral Skills


Master of Science, Occupational Safety & Health (OSH), Murray State University

Certificate in Industrial Hygiene specialization and with OSH

Bachelors of Science, OSH, Murray State University Safety Engineering

Minor Business: Economics, Security and Pre-Law

Professional Skills: Safety Engineering, Process Safety, Risk Control , Health and Safety

OSHA Expert: OSHA authorized outreach trainer.
Environmental and Health and Safety Expert
(EHS) Specialist in Industry and Government

Mine Safety Expert: Miner and MSHA authorized safety trainer 

Registered Professional Industrial Hygienist, Association of Professional Industrial Hygienists IH # 090808804


v  Accomplishments


Ø  Currently active training others who come to me for advise and I build and review corporate environmental health and safety programs.

Ø  American Association of Governmental Industrial Hygienist past member.

Ø  Conducts any type of safety training, inspections, audits, implements process safety and maintain systems.

Ø  Can manage workers compensation, lock out tag out, confined space and environmental permits.

Ø  American Heart Association Instructor Basic Life Support (BLS) First Aid CPR Certified

Ø  Certification Highway Transportation Safety Training & Regulatory Affairs

Ø  International Safety Trainer for HAZWOPER Emergency Response for Military Secret Contract

Ø  Extensive training DOT Hazardous Materials, packaging, shipping transporting, land, sea & air.

Ø  National Safety Council Member and American Heart Association.

Ø  Incident Command and 80 Hour Refresher Train the Trainer HAZWOPER and spills response.

Ø  OSHA 502 Update OSHA 10 Hour Const. OSHA 30 Hr and Mine Safety Health Approved Instructor

Ø  American Heart Association First Aid CPR Instructor  current.

Ø  Certified Disaster Site Worker trainer.  Expert

Ø  Regulatory OSHA, EPA, DOT and US Army Corps of Engineers Safety and Health  Manual EM 385-1-1

Ø  OSHA Outreach Provider - General Industry - Expert Trainer OSHA 10 and 30 Hour

Ø  Certificate in Industrial Hygiene and I am an expert professional industrial hygienist too.

Ø  HAZWOPER Certified January 8, 1993 Hr. OSHA Site Supervisor / Manager Training

Ø  HAZWOPER Certified June 40 Hr. OSHA 29CFR 1910.120 International Union of Operating Engineers

Ø  Certified Welder All Positions, 6010 7018 / 5/32 Flux Core

Ø  Certified RCRA (Implementing RCRA) Federal Government Veterans Administration

Ø  Certificate in Asbestos Control Procedures NIOSH 582 equivalent from the Veterans administration.

Ø  Open Water Diver, Advanced Diver, Rescue Diver PADI Certified

Ø  Certificate in Industrial Hygiene from Murray State University

Ø  OSHA 500

Ø  CSX Emergency Response Training for railroad emergencies

Ø  BP Site Specific, ExxonMobil Site Specific and other plants

v  Work Experience


Ø  HCSSCSI                                                                              Management Consulting  / EHS

Ø  International Technologies Corporation, Martinez, Ca. Senior Safety Specialist

Ø  Riedel Env.  Services, Inc., Portland, Oregon                 Industrial Hygienist

Ø  Burlington Environmental, Columbia, Missouri            Senior Safety Specialist             

Ø  Bechtel Environmental, Inc. (BNI), Oak Ridge, Tn.     EHS

Ø  JE Campbell                                                                        Mechanical Contractor 

Ø  Federal Government                                                           Industrial Hygienist

Ø  C.W. Mathews Bellwood Quarry                                      Maintenance

Ø  U.S. Army Quartermaster Supply and Small Arms      Unit Supply

Ø  Bankhead Enterprises                                                        Built Oil Drill Rig Structure


v  Current Work Experience and Qualifications


¨       Safety management for HCSSCSI


¨       Exceptional performance as a professional with a solid record as an environmental scientist with accomplishments Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS), and distinguished a safety professional and as an U.S. Army Veteran with discipline and leadership skills.


¨       Currently handles internal or external reports and some reoccurring multiple credit accounts.  My experience is from the federal government doing industrial hygiene, Bechtel, International Technology Corporation, Riedel Environmental Services, Burlington Environmental and others working in an EHS capacity.  I serve customers like URS, Clean Harbors, Valero, ExxonMobil, Shell, Military, petrochemical companies, steel manufacturing, petrochemical specialty contractors, and remediation projects.  I have experience in decommissioning or military bases or secret contractor operations Consulting services to provide active credit accounts to include other companies: program development, reviewing training, loss control, accident investigations expert witness, compliance specialist, and audits for environmental compliance, Quality Assurance & Control, safety, International Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) any operations, 29 CFR 1910.119 process safety maintenance (PSM), and emergency preparedness.  I train primary and bargaining employees and professionals in the for  OSHA Forty Hour HAZWOPER, OSHA 30 or 10 Hour training for construction safety.  I am a leader who uses a relatively high level of analytical ability is required in order to find solutions to difficult human, technical, or administrative problems. I head the implementation of pro-active safety and workplace hazard analysis in all projects to prevent accidents In the field or travel I assist the corporation with clients, performs safety audits of corporate projects, assists regional manager and corporate VIPs, by implementing EHS program and make corrective action and/or recommendations for business managers on companywide scale for existing and future projects. Provide expert witness services for law firms cliental. 


¨       Additional responsibilities included directing the business safety operations.  Such as training services or EHS everyday tasks with local TSDF’s, owners, managers, project staff, assists in staffing up personnel for key projects. I work on emergency call as needed for clients.  In normal routine matters to for HAZWOP, industrial, or public sector emergencies training or construction completing projects safe.  I am equally an industrial hygienist, construction safety or environmental scientist. I can implement profitable services  or advise clients extensively construction safety, air monitoring, industrial hygiene, Process Safety Management, Homeland Security or emergency response training and conduct QA/QC or EHS for projects.  I can serve,  private facilities, buildings, nuclear, life science, civil projects, and clean-up sites.  Performs technical writing, fit tests, training, industrial hygiene services, EHS management, for contractors, petrochemical facilities, nuclear, military, and chemical manufacturing.  I balance a cooperative approach in often-controversial work for OSHA compliance small and large business in regulatory affairs.


v  Other Special Qualifications


¨       Experience and formal education in quantitative & analytical analysis as an Industrial Hygienist and expert in all Occupational Safety and Health: accident prevention or investigations, root cause analysis, statistical trending for injury prevention and tracking. Develops and implements any corporate program safety & health plans, FMEA, Systems Safety, PSM, audits, and reviews to be submitted to regulatory agencies.


¨       Masters Degree with past or current RPIH, ACGIH, AHA, OSHA, ASSE and NSC resources.


¨       Extensive business safety administration experience in workers compensation, safety orientation staffing, corrective action reports, and 30,000+ Hrs HAZWOPER Instructor Experience.


¨       I am an expert in site safety and health in project operations on sites by collection and safety analysis for continuous improvements and implementing protection of company from loss.


¨       Over fifteen years of cumulative experience in refineries, chemical plants, nuclear decommissioning, piping / HVAC, demolition of facilities and this includes pipelines construction e.g. safety for horizontal drilling operations or making way for the new construction.  My strengths are well suited for EPCM safety.


¨       Mine Safety and Health, Former Miner  and current MSHA trainer metal non metal, SI FACPR.


¨       I perform specialized training for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER).  Remedial investigations and under RCRA, CERCLA, Security, Radiation Protection, OSHA 1910.120 Site Manager, Hazardous Waste and Emergency Response 40 Hour Courses, Confined Spaces, Excavations (Competent Person).


¨       I perform a variety of business functions in administrative, human resources, accounting, sales and business development.


¨       Develop all types of Health and Safety Plans (HASP) industrial hygiene services air monitoring and personal sampling.


¨       Treatment processes, assists environmental studies engineers and assists in wetlands studies.


¨       Ability to) that effectively support operations: national emergency management, construction, USACE, or any manufacturing.  I utilize a variety of methodology to development, implementation, and administration of an agency-wide or company emergency preparedness including documented policies and procedures.  Assists line and staff management to understand their roles during an emergency, provide guidance on FEMA, NCP, RCRA, CERCLA, and facility Emergency Preparedness.


¨       I also have skills gained from the US Army and Fortune 500 company interactions to work in sales or procurement of safety equipment or other materials, as a wholesaler and distributor.


¨       Assists site characterization, analysis, and preliminary evaluation of construction or environmental projects regarding safety engineering. Identify and control the environmental impact of project activities, products or services, and to improve its environmental impact performance continually, and to implement a systematic approach to setting environmental objectives and targets, to facilitate achieving these and to demonstrating that they have been achieved.


¨       I can operate a wide variety of instruments for surveys radiation Ludlum 3 or Micro R Meter and many other industrial hygiene equipment to make the workplace safe on special projects or monitor for radioactive material during pipeline releases.


¨       Environmental Expertise


¨       I can conduct a full range of environmental services including modeling stormwater permits, air permitting, negotiations for EPA approvals of permits, implementation, and setting up environmental air monitoring engineering controls for fugitive emissions A true leader by superior technical abilities and undertakings:


Ø  Incident Command Trainer for Shell Lubricants one of the world’s largest transmission fluid wholesaler.

à         I trained the Detroit Management Team in Incident Command, workers, and drivers regarding DOT training.

Ø  Management Consultant for DYE-M Distant Early Warning Line remediation Secret Radar Site.

à         I advise multi-national firms with demilitarization, HAZWOP and emergency planning in remote Arctic Regions.

Ø  Private Trainer for specific BP/CITGO/ExxonMobil Contractors, HAZWOPER and Operations for API procedures for Division 1 Confined Space Entry, Vacuum Truck, outages,  and more.

Ø  I provide HAZWOPER  training for hundreds of other companies throughout the United States.

à         I work with domestic and multi-national firms with any form of disasters, emergency management and emergency contingency planning.


¨       Technically savvy:

Ø  Working knowledge of all Microsoft Office products with proficiency in Word and Excel.

Ø  I maintain company web sites, computer networking, accounting, project manager, business development QA/QC and many other related training tasks. 

Ø  Among the clients I have served are decommission nuclear reactors, disaster recovery e.g. hurricanes / NASA Space-Shuttle / World Trade Tower Tragedy, Anthrax Clean-Up, Oil Spill Responses, work in a variety of TSDFs, handle PSM, federal employees, and more. 

¨       I am an expert in all hazard analysis leading teams in most any process safety, manufacturing, environmental design or industrial setting by finding solutions to complex problems for plant or project safety.  My skill sets are expert in: recognition, evaluation, formulating any EHS concepts, feasibility studies, estimating, design, PSM, Hazmat teams and others.  Such as I have skills as a Journeyman, Carpenter Piledriver, Heavy Equipment Operator/Repair/Welding, Constructor, Project Manager, USACOE S&H regulations, ISO, wide variety of computer skills Microsoft office, web design, databases and manufacturing safety. 


¨       ITSI contract at Argonne National Laboratories, Chicago Illinois completed without accidents at the Argonne National Labs Safety Training, Health, and Safety Plan project.


Ø  Juggernaut Nuclear Reactor demolition and decommissioning project.  I competitively bid the project, won the contract negotiated with clients needs for implementing changes according DOE specifications and task Specific Safety Plans and IH.  The project faced getting behind schedule the tasks included performing Site Specific Safety Training for numerous D&D tasks, Lead and Beryllium training employees and Lead Supervisors, HAZWOPER 40 Hour 29 CFR 1910 and OSHA 10 Hour for construction and others CSI, CH2MHIL, ITSI, and WPS finished the project without incident due to his team efforts.


Ø  Our team achieved the milestone of safety no accidents for the project and it kicked off on time.  I have worked in many refineries at clients job sites doing Industrial Hygiene Programs, HAZWOPER, Benzene, H2S, and DOT.  This was one of the US governments early Experimental Nuclear Reactors it required US Citizen and site security clearance.


·          Management consultant well versed on Army Core of Engineers Phase One projects.   In addition, Phase One and Two Environmental Risk Assessments or for industrial clients or real estate matters and preliminary surveys.  I assist to solve complex demilitarization, decommissioning jobs or environmental problems.

·         I am in a class as a global consultant for environmental health and safety (EHS) and equally well versed in all Industrial Hygiene (IH) management  implementing high-tech technologies in business.  I can perform any duties as a project safety leader, handle reports in EHS, and industrial hygiene services for a variety of EHS construction engineering needs.  I manage companies’ in house training, EHS, and IH programs to implement the latest technology into business operations.  I do this to help the company meet its clients rigorous customer demands throughout the world.


·         My corporate skills are diverse and have been an Industrial Hygienist (IH) being a Registered Professional Industrial Hygienist, member of the Association of Professional Industrial Hygienists, highly skilled by means of professional experience complimented by a variety of business management, legal, and all diversified forms of hazards recognition skills as an expert in the EHS field. 


·         Pro-active emphasis in safety first, performance and trust for clients, business development, contract law, and being former ACGIH enable me with other talents to work in any IH/EHS Global Affairs.  Experience managing the construction of process and facilities with contract value of at least $200 million in both a lump sum and cost reimbursable project format.


·         My diverse background as an expert includes experience as an EHS professional, with multi-talents in safety management, other advanced nuclear safety engineering, and computer skills.  For example, winning a project then designing SOPs for matters such as nuclear decommissioning or training a project team using advanced Microsoft applications. With advanced safety equipment such as instrumentation and PPE.


·         My degree is in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) management.  I have excellent interpersonal skills (but can also deal with High Risk High Danger Frequency with little Discretionary Time), knowledge of EHS all hazards in Superfund Remediation, and most all forms safety engineering or large structure material handling to assist engineers.  I have expertise in facilitation safety or public relation meetings for regulatory issues, communities, consensus meetings, meeting customers, workers from all project aspects beginning to end.


·         I can assist engineers with safety for I can assist in implementing process safety working with teams of Piping Designer and Structural Engineer - Process Technology Civil Engineer, Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls  Engineer to review components for hazardous locations, Major Projects Regional Manager, Pipe Stress Engineer and observe field implementation, Mechanical Engineer from my field mechanical experience in Facility Technology.  Moreover develop and review Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for process systems safety and FMEA. My strong diverse skill sets demonstrate full safety, emergency response, industrial hygiene and process services for business.


·         Other expertise I offer is providing new-employee health and safety orientations, and conduct safety training and education programs, and demonstrate the use of safety equipment for existing employees as required.


·         I have existing knowledge of current policies, government regulations and construction processes and uses them to prepare procedures and policies that improve employee safety and limit company liability.


·         I serve as a Management Consultant coordinating resources providing technical expertise with functional guidance on: handling industry organizations or client programs as directed. Work in any stage of project management for safety, preliminary evaluations and pre-qualification process for sub-consultants, contractors for joint ventures or teaming, and for subcontractors and vendors for planning to execute contracts.  Monitors the effectiveness of site EH&S programs and recommends corrective actions when necessary by identifying deficiencies or areas needing loss control, risk analysis or compliance attention.  Participate in quarterly meetings and report to management on the status of the EH&S Program elements including leading edge metrics and the status of corrective action items.


·         Participates in Management preliminary evaluations and Site Visit Program conducting site safety audit and assisting with improvements.


·         Proven field experience as SSHO and Pipe and certified welder with metal experience and heavy construction including Piledriving and large dirt projects over 50 acres or 400 acres + facilities remediation. One such site we ran 10 excavators night and day removing 750,000 cubic yards of contaminated dirt for incineration.  With a Bechtel National Inc. project 200 million plus my team worked oversight we excavated for Alcoa Aluminum a foundation over 60 feet deep for a huge water treatment plant.


v  Experience and Partial Key Projects


¨        1) Purina (Emergency Response Sulfur Dioxide Release) Louisville, KY.

¨        2) Pope Farm (Safety Officer ERCS) (Safety Survey Drums Tanks Animals) Springfield, IL.

¨        3) Pierce Oil (Safety Officer ERCS) $1 Million Project (Audit & Training) Springfield, IL.

¨        4) Lear-Siegler (Safety Officer ERCS) $500,000 Project  Detroit, MI.

¨        5) Olin / Winchester, (RI/HASP) (Explosive hazard Assessment RMI HMX Lead Azide) St. Louis, Mo.

¨        6) Compass Industries Superfund, SSHO (Landfill Air Monitoring Total Organics)  Tulsa, Ok.

¨        7) Sugar Creek Refinery Amoco, Refinery, and Landfill Operations Safety  Sugar Creek, Mo.

¨        8)  Reynolds Aluminum, SSHO (Project PCB / Dioxin) Massena, N.Y.

¨        9) Channelmaster / JFD Electronics Superfund, SSHO Oxford, N.C.

¨        10) Calumet Shipbuilding, Security, / Safety Manager Blue Island, IL.

¨        11) Dial Corp. (Sulfuric Acid Spill Response Manager) Murray, KY.

¨        13) M.S.U. Physical Plant, Repaired damaged HVAC  (Maintenance for Campus) Murray, KY.

¨        14) Commonwealth Edison (Safety Officer / Prepared HASP) Chicago, IL.

¨        15) Bellwood Quarry, Maintenance handled outages. Atlanta, GA.

¨        16) B.F. Goodrich, Contractor Safety (Audited maintenance work) Louisville, KY.

¨        17) American Synthetic, Contractor.  Safety Louisville, KY.

¨        18) Ford LAP, Contractor Safety (Conducted Safety Meetings) Louisville, KY.

¨        19) Bankhead Enterprises (Manufactured oilrigs) Atlanta, Ga.

¨        20) Deaconess Hospital (Manufactured 1st generation On-Site M.R.I.) Cincinnati, Oh.

¨        21) Hamchee Ink Plant, Environmental Consultant Project Manager CSI 1987 Blue Island, IL.

¨        22) River Falls Mall ($30,000,000 Dollar Project)  Clarksville, IN.

¨         23) Ingram Towing (Marine Repair and emergency repair operations) Grand Rivers, KY

¨        24) Carson Pire Scott (Tank Pull Response Manager/Safety) Chicago, IL.

¨        25) Dyer Bros Lumber (IH / ERCS) Cresol Contamination  Northup, Oh.

¨        26) TVA Fossil Fired Steam Plant Outage (I.H. Contractor) Johnsonville TN

¨        27) Texas Eastern (Site Safety) PCB remediation and gas plant work excavating Danville, KY.

¨        28) Columbia Gas Remediation of PCBs, TPH, and Mercury Stanton, KY.

¨        29) Lutex Chemical (Site Safety) VOC's Remediation   Chattanooga, TN.

¨        30) VA Hospital Industrial Hygienist (Cyto-Toxic Drugs, Asbestos, Implemented RCRA) Lexington, KY.

¨        31) Hamilton Army Airfield ($80 Million Project (Safety Supervisor) TPH, PNA, Pb Novato, Ca.

¨        32) Franson Oil (Safety Officer) Fuel Oil Spill Chicago, IL.

¨        33) Frost Co. Superfund (ERCS) Safety Consultant of Heavy Metals Kanosha, WI.

¨        34) Preston Carroll Const. Co. (Utilities, Metal Work and Operated Heavy Equipment.) Kennesaw, Ga.

¨        35) J.E. Campbell (Mechanical Contractors) Fulton, TN.

¨        36) Ford LAP, Contractor Construction (Construction Safety Specialist) Louisville, KY.

¨        37) Bankhead Enterprises (Mfg. Modular oilrigs) (Metal Works / Blue Print Reading) Atlanta, Ga.

¨        38) Clyde Woodall Ford (UST), Tank Removal (Environmental Engineering) Metropolis, IL.

¨        39) Spalding's Laundries, (Safety Tech. & Ironworker)  Charleston, WV

¨        40) Fort Ord (Written Safety Plan)      UXO Lead Fort Ord, CA.

¨        41) Amoco Chemicals (Ground Water Interceptor) SSHO 1998 Joliet, IL.

¨        42) TVA Power Plant (Industrial Hygienist) (Flour Daniel) Outage  New Johnsonville, TN.

¨        43) Rhodia Effluent Pipeline Project, Site Safety, and Health Officer 1999 Chicago Heights, IL.

¨        44) Consultant Petroleum Bulk Storage Tank Cleaning 2000  Blue Island, IL.

¨        45) QAQC Mercury Spill Instruments (Jerome, Lumex, MI Mercury Vapor Analyzers) Chicagoland Area 2001

¨        46) 95th & Baltimore Site 34 Former Coke Plant (Repaired buckling in sheeting Piledriving)  Chicago, IL.

¨        47) Fit Testing Projects Nationwide

¨        48) ANL Nuclear Decommissioning Staff on Safety for the Juggernaut Reactor Argonne, IL.

¨        49) Scott Air Force Base Spill Team HAZWOPER training for EPA Drill Scott Air Force Base, IL.

¨        50) HAZWOPER & Disaster Site Worker Training Chicago, IL.

¨        51) Carried out construction safety training for DOT Grant recipient. Chicago, IL. 

¨        52) BP Deepwater Horizon Macondo 252 Marine Response to Oil Spill Houma, La.

¨        53) Municipal Water Treatment  plant decommissioning and screening for radiation.Crystal Lake

¨        54) Conduct training for Homeland security through PETE and HMTRI Chicago, IL.

¨        Others on going... Hurricane Iassac?



v  Feel free to call me on my cell at (312) 543-6742 anytime.

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