Project List 2010

Statement of qualifications of instructor, per 29 CFR 1910.120(e)(5) which, states in part: Trainers shall be qualified to instruct employees about the subject matter that is being presented in training. Such trainers shall have satisfactorily completed a training program for teaching the subjects they are expected to teach, or they shall have the academic credentials and instructional experience necessary for teaching the subjects. Instructors shall demonstrate competent instructional skills and knowledge of the subject matter.  Our instructors have Superfund, or Treatment Storage and Disposal Site, experience, OSHA Train the Trainer and are degreed with years of experience.

Most of our work centers on prevention of problems sometimes we go in and solve problems others have.  We team in emergency response as we service those who solve and prevent other peoples problems.

"Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them."
-- Albert Einstein
1) Purina (Emergency Response Sulfur Dioxide Release and Rescue) Private Sector Louisville, KY
2) Pope Farm  (Safety Survey Drums Tanks Animals) Contractor for EPA Region 5 Project Springfield, IL.
3) Pierce Oil $1 Million Project (Audit & Training)  Contractor for EPA Region 5 Project Springfield, IL.
4) Lear-Siegler$500,000 Project Site Remediation EPA Region 5 Detroit, MI.
5) Olin / Winchester, (RI/HASP) (Explosive JSA RMI HMX Lead Azide)      St. Louis, Mo
6) Compass Industries Superfund,  Site Safety Officer ( Phase III Remediation) USACE Tulsa, Ok.
7) Sugar Creek Refinery Amoco, Site Safety Officer (Phase II Characterization) Sugar Creek,  Mo.
8) Aluminum Plant, SSHO (PCB / Dioxin Project ) State of New York Corrective Action Massena, N.Y.
9) Channelmaster / JFD Electronics Superfund, Safety Overview EPA Region 4 Oxford, N.C.
10) Calumet Shipbuilding, Security / Safety Management Private Sector Blue Island, IL.
11) Dial Corp. (Sulfuric Acid Spill) Chicago, IL. Area
12) Safety Plan Development For Ground Water Interceptor Trench Active BP Chemical Plant Site Safety Supt. Channahon, IL.
13) Ceramic Manufacturing (QA/QC Audit Noise Level Survey and Corrective Actions) Chicago, IL.
14) Commonwealth Edison (Safety Officer / Prepared HASP)  Chicago, IL.
15) Bellwood Quarry, Metal Works Construction Private Sector Atlanta, Ga.
16) B.F. Goodrich, Construction Safety Management   Private Sector  Louisville, KY.
17) American Synthetic, Construction Safety Management Private Sector Louisville, KY
18) Ford LAP, Contractor Construction Safety Management Private Sector Louisville, KY
19) Bankhead Enterprises (Manufactured Modular Oil Rigs For Off Shore) Welding Building Oil Rigs Cincinnati, Oh.
20) Deaconess Hospital (Manufactured 1st Generation M.R.I.) Certified Welding Springfield, IL.
21) Hamchee Ink Plant, Environmental Consultant Project Manager Private Sector Blue Island, IL.
22) River Falls Mall Construction Safety ($30,000,000 Project) Private Sector Clarksville, IN.
23)  Ingram Towing (Marine Repair Operations& Emergency Repair)     Grand Rivers, KY
24)  Carson Pire Scott (Tank Pull Response Manager/Safety) Private Sector Chicago, IL.
25) Dyer Bros Lumber (IH / ERCS) Cresol Contamination Contractor for EPA Region 5  Northup, Oh.
26) TVA Fossil Fired Steam Plant Outage (IH Contractor) Air Monitoring Johnsonville TN
27) Texas Eastern (Site Safety Oversight) PCB remediation gas line leakage Danville, KY.
28) Columbia Gas Remediation of PCBs, Mercury, and TPH at a Active Gas Plant Stanton, KY.
29) Lutex Chemical (Site Safety Oversight) VOC's Remediation Private Sector Chattanooga, TN.
30) Plating Steel Company (Quality Assurance/Quality Control) Private Sector Gary, IN.
31) Hamilton Army Airfield ($80 Million) 175,000 Cubic Yard Remediation Fuel Spills UACOE Novato, Ca.
32) Fuel Oil Spill (Safety Officer) Riedel Environmental Services  ERT Response Manager and Safety Specialist Chicago, IL.
33) Frost Co. Superfund (ERCS) Safety Consultant of Heavy Metals    Kanosha, WI.
34) Preston Carroll Const. Co. (Utility Const. Heavy Equipment) Welding Kennesaw, Ga.
35) Renovation / Demolition National Boy Scout Museum   Murray, Ky.
36) Ford LAP, Construction Safety Management Louisville, KY
37) Bankhead Enterprises (Mfg. Modular oilrigs) (Metal Works) Atlanta, Ga.
38) Clyde Woodall Ford (UST), Tank Removal (Environmental Engineering) Metropolis, IL.
37) Spalding's Laundries, Construction Safety Fixed Structure in Facility Welding / Ironwork Charleston, WV
39) Fort Ord (Written Safety Plan) UXO, Lead, Remediation of Firing Monterey Bay Fort Ord, Ca.
40) Amoco Chemicals (Ground Water Interceptor) SSHO 1998  Joliet, IL.
41) TVA Power Plant (Industrial Hygienist) (Flour Daniel) Outage New Johnsonville, TN
42) Rhodia Effluent Pipeline (Site Safety Planning and Site Safety 1999) Chicago Heights, IL.
43) Refinery Petrol-Chemical (Safety Consultant Storage Tank Cleaning 2000)  Blue Island, IL.
44) Nalco Emergency Response to large scale Mercury Vapor Remediation (Consultant/Scientific Advisor and Vendor for Hg Analyzers and maintenance of instruments) Chicago, Illinois
45) Paxton Landfill (Site Safety Services) Chicago, Illinois
46) Soldier Field Renovation (OSHA 30 Hour and Piledriving) Chicago, Illinois
47) Juggernaut Reactor  (Safety Training for D&D) Argonne Nat Lab
49) Started Super Safety Project  2003 (Environmental Safety and Construction Equipment) Chicago, Illinois
50) Scott Air Force Base (Spill Team Training HAZWOPER)

Air Lift Command


51) CBRN Response Vehicle Procurement Project (CBRN-RVP)

Kuwait Mid East

52) Site Safety


51) CBRN Response Vehicle Project (CBRN-RVP)


53) VX HAZWOPER training for Heat Treatment of Former Storage Vessel.


54) Safety Equipment USPS


55) Shell Lubricants Incident Command Training


56) BP Pilot Project contract advisor dewatering and support of nearby dredging


57) ExxonMobil Global Vendor HAZWOPER training laborers


57) ExxonMobil Biological Treatment Lagoon and dredge EHS and Industrial Hygiene personal sampling

Channahon, IL.



Most of these Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response range as far as California to New York, from the Gulf of Mexico to Massena New York.  Some of which have been Superfund Sites in every EPA Region, the World Trade Centers disaster 9/11/2001, The Space Shuttle Disaster and recovery 2003, currently we have trainees in most major refineries, Department of Defense, Environmental Protection Agency, Unions, Mideast, and in Oversight Management.  The training center has logged 30,000+ hours of HAZWOPER training. 

We provide safety oversight for Superfund projects.

That is why we are "The leader the rest will follow."

We train more HAZWOPER than anybody in the United States!

We are the only full time 7 Days a week HAZWOPER training consultant in the United States! 

The training center uses a variety of respirator equipment. We use a wide variety instrumentation Colorimetric Indicators, SCBAs, PID, Air Sampling Pumps, and CGI. We prefer a ratio of 1 instructor per 7 people. 




Pile Driving Soldier Field Renovation

Piledriving Local 578 Soldier Field Old Chicago Fire Dump 95 Foot H Beams that should hold up the Bears!


CSI Mascot Is is a Huskie? Or A German Shepard?

Our Mascot German Sheppard named Tomahawk Deceased November 15, 2008 and I can honestly say I have known that guy in the suit all my life... Environmental Expert Witness Services.

Safety Officer for Hamilton Army Airfield Clean Up Site US Army Corps of Engineers, US

We are in the top 1% in the Industry.  Why settle for less.


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