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Health and Safety Training Waiver and Disclaimer

                This is a training class for potentially or positively dangerous environments and is being conducted under 29 CFR 1910.120.  It is intended to give information provide some hands on introduction to the potentially hazardous conditions that a person may encounter on a hazardous waste site.  This class is not a substitute for Site Specific Training or other required on-site safety requirements by OSHA and the EPA or other requirements by various local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

                 The rules, regulations, procedures, and instructions presented in this class are given in good faith.  No particular product or manufacturer is endorsed, some materials have been used to explain the variety of such in industry or have been taken from government publications Etc. Any misinterpretation or misuse of this information shall remain the sole responsibility of the user of this information.  The materials referenced sources are NIOSH / OSHA / DOT / USCG / EPA or other sources, it responsibility of the user to maintain training and materials current when put to practical use. 

[Chicago Safety Institute and/or any affiliated companies and / or representatives thereof shall be indemnified by use of this website and held harmless, as not to be held responsible for misinterpretation or misuse of any of the class materials (verbal or written) or for its unauthorized application to any particular situation, condition or other circumstances.  Even if any part thereof shall apply any other shall not.  Proceed if you agree exit back if you disagree]


Beta Online training by Email, Phone, and Live Broadcast 40 Hour $695.0 may require minimums attending.  Live Broadcast may require teleconference fee $60.

We are the first to offer live broadcast HAZWOPER training.

We can not suit you up online you will have to do that with an Industrial Hygienist or other technically qualified person.  However, we can give you pointers you must send a picture of your self or Group suited up to get Certified to each Level of Protection and signed test certifying that you spent the full 40 Hours on the training during the times specified.  Trainees will be required to phone in each day or FAX their times in each day.

The people we trained are from all over the world!  HAZWOPER Training!

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