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Emergency Preparedness in the Workplace for Disaster Site Workers Pricing

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The Anti-Terror and/or Emergency Preparedness training is customized for business and agencies to facilitate groups for better Emergency Preparedness.  This is a special training that follows the Federal protocols set forth by the U.S. Government.  The focus is pre-planning what to if an emergency or disaster occurs in occurs in the community or business.  Emergency Preparation is the focus of the program.  This includes methods terrorist have been known to use and current related events.  Biological awareness training is also covered, special training can include response, awareness of the hazards of Anthrax and other Biological agents. Topics also include preparing buildings for CBRN attack or disaster.


Other training that is related to this is Emergency Response Training (ERT) includes recognition, evaluation, control of emergencies and Terrorist Preparedness for such incidents that constitute an emergency such as explosions, toxic and hazardous atmospheres. No we don't do this online, if you have someone offer training online for HAZWOPER ask your self, Would you bet your life on online training?

It includes Anti-Terrorism measures and recognition of the problems associated with these types of emergencies when conducted at the State Federal or Local level. It also is useful for police who might encounter explosives from persons or car bombers.  The training is primarily classroom based, however depending on the trainees task / occupations it can be up to %50 hands on training. Topics vary for each group covering such things such as facility drum handling when applicable, instrumentation, explosions, chemical exposure, and life threatening conditions to be avoided by responders. A HAZWOPER CD with Guidance Manual and Emergency Response Guidebook is given to each participant and other resources for each trainees toolbox of resources.  Its covers the elements of Personal Protective Equipment, decontamination, preparation for emergency disposal considerations, and decontamination of personnel and equipment. 

We can include:

Emergency Contingency Plans Pricing depends on size of Facility

First Aid & CPR.

Quantitative Fit Test Call for Pricing each per test for each person, cost plus for extra respirators or porting if we don't slresdy have the ports.

Deluxe Manuals Customized designed for your group with your logo.

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