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The Chicago Safety Institute was established in December 1995 and Super Safety followed later being built singly by David Hendy from the early resources in 1995 to 1999. Mr. Hendy the founder is a seasoned Safety Professional and native Chicagoan who is well traveled has gained expertise in most all forms of hazard assessment. Super Safety was developed from its beginnings in the early 1990's while working in a refinery during a Superfund Site Characterization the workers would call Mr. Hendy Super Safety jokingly. The name stuck so Hendy capitalized on the nickname as it was rapidly becoming an iconic nickname while working for the largest construction company Bechtel National, Inc. in the environmental division. Later this iconic businessman Photograph taken at Cadillac Place in Detroit, Michigan. With vast diverse life experience he is dedicated to helping cliental in any EHS affairs, training, manufacturing safety, or Architectural and Engineering projects as the safety lead.

He finished college in 1992 majoring in Occupational Safety Engineering. He graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Occupational Health and Safety in May of 1986. Soon working as an Industrial Hygienist for the public sector, with the Federal Government Veterans Administration. Then later returned to private sector as a Safety Consultant for a firm in Chicago until funds were available to continue education and the company recommended him for graduate work he pursued a Master's Degree specializing in environmental engineering and industrial hygiene in 1987. Thereafter in 1989 he was employed as a Safety Professional for a by Bob Abel and Bill Abel who he particularly admired for their keen sense of business. While working for Abel Construction Mr. Hendy originally took the Forty-Hour HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) in 1990 trained through the International Union of Operating Engineers.

In addition Mr. Hendy has worked for the US Government as an Industrial Hygienist dealing with a variety o safety engineering, fire protection and had a focus on industrial hygiene for hospitals. He used a variety of directives, regulations or standard to implement positive results in a large Veterans Hospital and helped a diverse population of employees in a variety of trades, professions and people who were the nations Veterans of US Military Service.

1991 he received a substantial offer from Bechtel National, Inc., Mr. Hendy worked until the Gulf War in Kuwait, when the Oak Ridge, Tennessee division was forced to cut back he and four other safety professionals from the Environmental projects division, as the Gulf War contracts for putting out oil well fires fizzled out in the Mideast. It was a blow to the division he worked in and was laid off. Mr. Hendy then saw this as an opportunity to finish his graduate work in May 1992 he completed his Masters Degree at MSU in Occupational Health and Safety then specialized in Environmental Science. While attending college working part time in Aquaculture Cultivating Mussels for export selling to shell companies which exported to Japan. He built boats and worked in the commercial industry working long hours each day and living of the Rivers and Lakes Resources.
Getting the Masters Degree in Science specializing in Industrial Hygiene after he had a Bachelors Degree in Occupational Safety and Health, starting out in Safety Engineering. He studied Fire Science, Loss Prevention, OSHA Standards and was an Emergency Medical Technician Trainer for other EMTs. He then took the skills to hazardous waste operations and emergency response. He worked in the Superfund environmental work for the Region Five EPA Emergency and Rapid Response Contracts. Then later in safety business doing Military Base Clean-Ups with the USACOE in California until 1995. It was a changing era from 1990 on with three companies that selling out Burlington Environmental, Inc., Riedel Environmental, Inc. and IT Corporation.

Mr. Hendy business now services a variety of customers on call. Services and products for business needs, National Defense, Emergencies and is a HAZWOPER oversight specialist with abilities as an Environmental Health and Safety Scientist. Mr. Hendy took other HAZWOPER training during those years while performing on a variety of EPA Rapid Response Contracts, did procurement, project administration, and since then has performed training for 30,000 hours of HAZWOPERs throughout the United States. These workers have worked and came from all facets of life, to work on projects like Mercury Clean-ups, Military Base Clean-ups, Space Shuttle Disaster, refinery voluntary clean-ups, spills, and The World Trade Tower Response. Those are the hard working people our business respects and has gained the respect of those. He has helped countless people to be safe on many projects and help poverty neighborhoods to rebuild, people to get jobs, and clean up the environment. One time training over 100 young people in an inner city organization Chicago Urban Legue to help them with a employment to meet requirements in the various trades around Chicago.

He has helped many other companies increase the overall effectiveness on their Health and Safety Programs while increasing their profitability.

Mr. Hendy is a Registered Professional Industrial Hygienist and honorably discharged Veteran of the United States Army Supply Specialist / Medical Unit / Small Arms Expert. Mr. Hendy is also a Mason, a duel member in two Valleys of The Scottish Rite, York Rite, 32nd degree Mason and in the Shriners. Through these organizations and companies Mr. Hendy is helping people help their selves, he is also a Veteran who credits success to his associates and Veteran brothers who helped him in the recovery process. Then after a 2002 crane injury working as a Union Piledriver, the business activities extra funding was stopped and he had to temporary suspended all activities while trying to recover from the injuries and had some minor surgery, he put together the website by November 2003 Super Safety business was started with only marginal income, it handles the increasing demand for safety in today's industry.

The business is located in a Enterprise Zone labor surplus type enterprise area. Many thanks go out to friends who have helped with encouragement to get this off the ground. We are very hopeful to make more sales in the upcoming years. The two companies were well networked with a variety of expert associates with the skills to handle many customized services. We are community members of two non- profit organizations American Heart Association and the National Safety Council. Mr. Hendy is the kind of guy who can put on a suit as necessary in Global affairs or Blue Jeans in more casual settings. Either way he can roll up the sleeves and solve the problems of clients.

Not to be dismayed re-launched his efforts working nights in a multi-culture environment worked and helped get safer classrooms for trade students and teachers with the City Of Chicago Kennedy King - Dawson Technical Institute (DTI) Teacher Lecturers benefits and union organization through the District Council of Carpenters the results were compromises by DTI refusing to be signatory with the Chicago District Council of Carpenters. He was instrumental to get the College to agree to allow the Trade Instructors Lecturers to join the teachers union Local 1600 and become a part of the college when they would have not had the opportunity and would have continued to have less than 29 hours without benefits of that union.

He has fought hard to stand up against those who would promote labor racketeering and union labor racketeering to see change from within in the District Council of Carpenters of Chicago. He also risked his life to combating to help prevent organized crime in works with the Lacey Act and other times Environmental crime. IN the Chicago communities he lives he was instrumental to get Crack Cocaine operations shut down done by the Chicago Police.

In business he sets priorities with integrity and fairness to consensus participants and parties. One time he provided safety training by being called in to a manufacturing facility. Upon completion he asked if there was anything else the Manager needed. The reply was not unless you can sway our people here to understand to survive we need to vote a Union out tomorrow. Mr. Hendy's ability to communicate was used to show the Manager how to communicate and deal with his employees. Mr. Hendy saved a company financially from going out of business by convincing employees the truth the company would suffer to go as a bargaining employer at that particular time. He helped draft a written letter the owner signed and sent to the employees before the vote. It worked and the employees were happy with the outcome.

Another aspect of Mr. Hendy's skills he retained his union carpenter membership for 11 years in Chicago at the same time was welder and now works as a part time family man, Shriner for the Shriners of North America Children's Hospital support, safety professional and business enterprise.

He has participated observing in other consensus negotiations such as tourism and fish and game and is an expert in the consensus negotiation area based on educational graduate work and experiences.

His focus is on improving safety and saving lives to make the United States of America a better place for its citizens much of which he credits mostly to his experiences with many people and associates help.

Mr. Hendy's consultation to industry include crafts, shops and other business like Kidde Fire Extinguishers. For example, in one Metal Plate Processing Company there was an OSHA compliance inspection and violations with ultimatum was issued build a Safety and Health program and an abatement date was set. Mr. Hendy went in with his report conducted a audits of the companies multiple facilities and built a safety and health program from the ground up by the abatement date. In addition, an industrial hygiene workplace assessment was conducted. The product being used in one area had recently due to new technology had been implicated as carcinogenic. He was able to implement engineering controls suggestions and a respirators protection plan for the plant workers. He saved the company not only money but also workers from serious health problems.

By 2007 the economy taken a downturn he bought a building reorganized the business after having a Tumor removed that most likely was from radiation in the Military. Upon 2008 with the marginal income the business and funds from the night work and help of five reports. He now was seeing some better prospects since like before 2002, he held on after having to still yet survived 2009's challenges in the USA economic depression without a large reserve as a small business. One way of survival has been through doing legal expert witness work. He performed for differing cases a fatality and broken back. He worked in each case ethically for one case a Plaintiff attorney and the other a Defendant Attorney. All within the physical limitations of the operations size. He and the business had in these tough times. Others he assisted in 2010 the Deepwater Horizon Response as a Marine Safety EHS/SSHO to prevent discrimination, injuries and illnesses. He also has assisted the local and federal food pantry in the inner City of Chicago for the needy.

He has worked on the DOEs projects with the United States of America's Recovery Act project for nuclear demolition and decommissioning. Standing assertively for safety after snow and winter storms hit the former reactor excavation and changing workplace. In addition, he helped Veterans by implementing labor policy.

The safety training company has helped business get revitalization by upgrading training to the organizations and company employees. Mr. Hendy has trained for federal agencies like ASTDR, USAF, US Army, Department of Labor Inspector General, Department of Natural Resources, and US Fish and Wildlife. He has taught their employees OSHAct policies and taught them how to use OSHA's website. In addition, he has done this for small business. In manufacturing can streamline production and help to implement lean management for higher profits from production to coincide with safety.

By 2010 the enterprise had three separate companies and was shut down in December of 2011 with the peak of the economy downfall. This was due directly to the banking crunch and fall of housing market, the halt in construction and uncertainty of most American business at the time including hardships he the owner faced. Then Mr. Hendy reorganized in January 2012 to restart as Hendy Company, Super Safety or Chicago Safety Institute. Going back to the basics that make the enterprise strong and to meet diversifying products and services head on in the Global Economy for the continued success of its customers and most cost effective prices.

The company does Environmental Safety and Health Services (EHS), training, sells top quality products, consultation for OSHA type of audits, private sector consults for lean management, procurement improvements, production increased, and all told the business has done more emergency response training than any other business in the City of Chicago outside of the Chicago Fire Department and is truly a global service provider for emergency response and response management.
Services that are supportive of people with disabilities, disabled veterans, cultural differences and promotes equality of age, race and gender for not only nationwide but promoting global humane treatment of people and the environment.

To Mr. Hendy Environmental Health and Safety is science. It is also like a baseball season you have to try your hardest every day to win, to be the best, you have to stay motivated, like the Chicago White Sox who won the 2005 World Championship. Hendy Company, Super Safety or Chicago Safety Institute is a motivational force following guidance of such people as Vince Lombardi, George Washington, Martin Luther King, and Abraham Lincoln.

Mr. Hendy's next mission is serving you for your needs to a more sustainable and better program.

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