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The Chicago Safety Institute first online HAZWOPER training WWW.HAZWOPER.INFO  was established in 1998 for instruction tool.  Much content has changed since then and we now bring to you at your PC for our online training! If you ever have a question just email or call our Toll Free (800) 275-8239 number.  Use your back button to return to each section!  You must register to use this page, "Unless you are pre-registered by your company".   The use of this page or any of our services constitute a binding agreement to our terms and services of the registration use of it constitutes agreement to our terms and conditions!

Welcome all, in this is easy to learn we hope you will be happy with a truly self paced Eight Hour Refresher!  Go through the materials review and you will later cerity your 8 hours and take a test over the materials.  You will be evaluated on comunicating your participation and then testing.  You will submit the test results after you contact us your finished, you will have a 24 hour window to submit the answers once your ready tell us by email or phone or fax; we will email a test or link back. Lastly you submit your answers.   In addition we may send you some important feed back by fax or email if you miss anthing on this training or 30 question final test. 

Good luck we ask you complete assignment in 15 days (ideally in the month your employer paid for the training for you) but in no cases later than 30 days.

Call (800) 275-8239 to register this training is for our customers who have had live hands on 40 Hour HAZAWOPER training by us and/or the respective trainees company.  Materials are disclaimed for any use or purpose, it is for educational purposes. Live hands on training you should have already had in a 40 hour live classroom training sessions prior to taking this online course.  In addition 29 CFR 1010.120 requires Site Specific Training is required  in addition to this training and employeers must comply with 29 CFR 1910.120 Appendix C.  Users are responsable for their own actions, accidents, or misuse; this information is for educational references only and/or it may not be up to date after its original use. Your use constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions to [HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMIFY US OF YOUR USE OF THESE MATERIALS AND DATA"], any refrence to other materials and products are the properties of their rightfull owners and may not be copied. You may use the materials on one PC per agreement and print printable materials for your training references.

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