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Hendy Company, Super Safety® or Chicago Safety Institute

Our prayers and hearts go out to the Hurricane Victims and FEMA field staff, and all the public and private sector people who help others.

HAZWOPER Training By Arranment Call Our TOLL FREE  (800) 275-8239     Also representatives standing by for Hurricanes 40 Hour HAZWOPER, 24 Hour or 4 Hour our other customized Safety training.

Safety Management Consultant, Safety Products and Emergency Response Training.

Safety Training by Arrangement Please Call (800) 275-8239


Toll Free 800 275 8239 We train with MSA SCBA and Level B or Level A
HAZWOPER, Emergency Response Team (ERT) and Safety Training
Industrial Training, Safety, Production, Lean Management,
Training in Nationwide for OSHAs HAZWOPER Requirements
Globally for Environmental Teams, Emergency Responders and Hospitals Incident Command (HICS)
We provide Environmental compliance services such as logistices, permiting, Safety and Health Sustainability Consultants for Management of Business.
Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Management and Training.
  Founded 1995 by a U.S. Military Veteran, Family Owned and Operated


Industrial Products Services, Special Commercial, Logistical and Vendor for Government Services

We can help with all your Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) needs.

Super Safety Level A Chemical Protective Suit

 Red German Shepherd Responder Dog Breeder

We reserve the right to modify contents and schedules to facilitate instruction and needs, for or of our personal military / civilian obligations, or federal deployment, business, trainees needs (tardiness or emergencies) and employers request. We are not responsible or liable for any loss of time by others.

We do not represent ourselves as being any part of the federal government or agency and do not have any conflict with the US Government as we are solely privately owned.

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